Hail stones causes havoc on M53 as poor driving conditions leads to dramatic crash

Scenes of M53 crash. CREDIT: @chrismid259

Merseyside saw huge amounts of hail fall in the early hours of this morning, as freezing temperatures grip the region.

The sudden downpour of hail lead to difficult driving conditions on the M53, with many witnesses describing it as an ice rink.

One motorist lost control, slammed into the central reservation and into on coming traffic, as speeding traffic drive past the driver was still stuck in the vehicle, luckily the person made it out with help from members of the public.

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The crash happened between J4 Bebington and J6 Hooton, the section of the motorway was closed all morning and into the afternoon.

Merseyside police said they were “in attendance at numerous collisions and vehicles loosing control”, with North West motorway police reporting they had “already dealt with over 100 incidents since coming on duty”.

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Hail and sleet is forecast for Merseyside through the weekend, as polar air continues to send temerpatures plummeting.

The drop in temperatures could lead to further hail or sleet showers during tonight and tomorrow according to met office, as rain hitting cold air could lead to wintry showers.

The Met Office says:  “The wintry showers will continue overnight, leaving icy stretches where they have fallen.

“Where skies have remained clear there will be a widespread frost forming”.

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