Polar air set to sweep UK and bring freezing weather to Merseyside


The milder air from the south that brought temperatures of 15C to Merseyside earlier in the week, is set to give way for polar air.

By Friday temperatures will be back into single figures making it feel bitterly cold in the stronger winds.

With nighttime temperatures dipping to near freezing, this will bring the potential risk of frost and ice to some areas of Merseyside.

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The cold snap is expected to last well into next week as the air from the arctic doesn’t shift position.

The Met Office say: “A cold weekend with frosty starts. Bright with blustery showers, falling as sleet or snow, especially on high ground.

“Monday strong winds and some rain likely, but brighter later”.

The freezing weather comes just after Merseyside was issued weather warnings for strong winds, gusts of 40mph were recorded across the region through Wednesday night.

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