How windy will it get on Merseyside this week ?


Merseyside has been placed on a severe weather warning for strong winds.

Winds of up to 70mph are expected to batter parts of the UK through Wednesday and into Thursday.

Heavy rain will also bring the risk of some localised flooding to some areas as the weather front moves in.

A weather warning is in place from 10:40am Wednesday until 7am Thursday.

The Met office warn that there could be some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport, whilst outbreaks of rain, occasionally heavy, will add to the difficult travel conditions.

How windy will it get on Merseyside ?

Winds are expected to peak on Merseyside around 11am on Thursday, when the region could see gusts of up to 50mph.

This will result in it being very windy at our coasts with the risk of large waves.

Although it will be windy, there could be some sunny spells at times, however, due to the strength in wind this will mean it will feel very cold, with temperatures feeling closer to 4C.

A change in wind direction will mean the weather will get very cold over the next few days as polar air moves in.

Temperatures will be back into single figures, with nighttime temperatures near freezing.

The Met Office say: “A widely windy day is expected across England and Wales with widespread gusts of 40-50 mph developing inland and some isolated 60 mph gusts possible.

“Friday will be sunny, dry, windy and cold.

“The weekend will probably feel even colder with sunshine and a few showers, mostly rain but perhaps turning to snow on hills”.

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