There’s a lot of rain on the way for Merseyside and here’s how long it will last


Heavy rain is set to batter Merseyside through Wednesday, according to forecasters, which has resulted in a severe weather warning being issued for parts of the North West.

Although Merseyside is not included in the warning, it is still expected to get very wet across the region.

How long will the rain last ?

The Met Office expect that the rain will last through most of Wednesday, as milder air from the south picks up moisture and dumps it over the UK.

The rain will make an appearance during the early hours of Wedesnday and could last until late on Wednesday night, with the heaviest of the rain expected during the morning rush hour.

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Merseyside has been issued a severe weather warning for strong winds through Wednesday and into Thursday.

Winds will also be gusting at around 50 mph, however, the weather will become much more bearable.

Temperatures will be up from last week making it feel much milder this week on Merseyside.

It will be near 15C, meaning winds wont feel as harsh and early morning commuters won’t be faced with a freezing wait for the bus.

The Met Office say: Another grey and cloudy day with further heavy and persistent rain for all, particularly over the hills.

“Windy too, possibly with gales towards the coast, but staying very mild”.

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