Met Office issue Merseyside severe weather warning as 70mph winds will batter the region


Merseyside has been placed on a severe weather warning for strong winds.

Winds of up to 70mph are expected to batter the region through Wednesday and into Thursday, which could result in storm Caroline being named.

Heavy rain will also bring the risk of some localised flooding to some areas as the weather front moves in.

The weather warning is in place from 9am Wednesday until 7am Thursday.

The Met office warn that there could be some delays to road, rail, air and ferry transport, whilst outbreaks of rain, occasionally heavy, will add to the difficult travel conditions.

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A forecaster said: “Gusts of 65 to 70 mph are expected along exposed coasts and over high ground so large coastal waves could be a danger.

“Gusts of 50 mph are likely more widely. Winds will gradually ease from the west during the night, finally easing from the far SE of England around dawn on Thursday.

“Outbreaks of rain, some of it heavy, will accompany the strong winds and will add to the difficult driving conditions”.

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