Wet and windy weather is on the way for Merseyside, but there is some good news


This week will see some very wet and windy across the region, but there is some good news.

The wettest of the weather will arrive through Wednesday and could be heavy at times.

Winds will also be quite strong, gusting at around 40 mph, however, the weather will become much more bearable.

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Temperatures will be up from last week making it feel much milder this week on Merseyside.

Although it will be a wet and windy day on Wednesday, temperatures will be near 15C, meaning winds wont feel as harsh and early morning commuters won’t be faced with a freezing wait for the bus.

The Met Office say: “Outbreaks of rain on Wednesday, often heavy.

“Drier but breezy on Thursday. Colder on Friday with the likelihood of showers, wintry, especially over the hills”.

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