Jupiter and Venus will meet in the sky in a RARE celestial event on Merseyside

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Jupiter and Venus will meet in the sky in a RARE celestial event during the early hours of Monday morning.

The two planets will align at a distance of just half the width of the moon.

The best time to see the two planets will be at 5:56am around 40 minutes before the 7.23am sunrise on Monday morning.

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The event should be visible with the naked eye if skies are clear, but telescopes will provide the best view.

Astronomers have said the pair will be seen in the direction of just 6° above the east-southeast horizon.

If you are planning to head out early and catch the event on Merseyside then it will be best to wrap as temperatures wont be much above freezing during the early hours.

Sky watchers are in look on Mersesyide too, as the weather is expected to be mostly cloud free, which should provide a chance to catch the event.

The Met Office say: It will be dry with clear skies this evening and tonight, which will allow temperatures to fall quickly soon after dark, allowing a fairly widespread frost to develop.

Perhaps the odd mist and fog patch forming by dawn with temperatures around 1C.

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