Merseyside will see freezing temperatures colder than Iceland this weekend


Freezing temperatures and strong winds are set to put Merseyside in the freezer this weekend.

The weekend is set to be a very cold one across the region as cold and windy weather is forecast.

This is down to freezing winds from the arctic filtering south over the UK, which will make it colder than Iceland.

Saturday will see temperatures of 10C with light winds, meaning it will feel chilly but normal for the time of year.

However, Sunday will see winds increase to nearly 40mph and so this will make daytime temperatures feel closer to 4C.

Nighttime temperatures on Sunday are set to dip as low as 0C in some areas, which could lead to a a freezing Monday morning rush hour, with the appearance of frost.

The Met Office say: Cold on Sunday with sunshine and some showers near the coast.

“Frosty to start on Monday, but cloud and rain late in the day. Milder on Tuesday with some rain”.

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