Stunning pictures show the Northern lights dazzling in the skies above Wirral

Credit: @wirralcheshire

The Northern lights were visible last night as a faint green glow lit up the sky.

Stargazers were treated to the stunning light display last night as the Northern Lights were visible across Wirral.

CREDIT: David Chennell

Clear skies made it perfect to view the natural light display, although it was a freezing night for many.

Temperatures dipped to near freezing on Merseyside and the region woke up to a widespread frost this morning due to the cold weather.

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The weather is expected to remain on the cold side today, as temperatures wont climb above 10C and it will feel closer to 6C at times.

The Met Office say: “It will be a crisp and chilly start to the day, with plenty of prolonged sunshine. Cloud will thicken from the northwest”.

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