Northern lights could be visible during the next few nights on Merseyside


The Northern lights were visible last night as a faint green glow lit up the sky and they could be visible over the next few nights.

Stargazers were treated to the stunning light display last night as the Northern Lights were visible across Wirral.

Clear skies made it perfect to view the natural light display, although it was a freezing night for many.

Aurora forecasts suggest that there’s a chance of spotting the northern lights over the next few nights, if skies stay clear.

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Heading to coastal areas away from light pollution will give the best views of the stunning weather phenomena.

The Northern lights are formed when highly charged particles erupt from the sun and collide with our atmosphere.

Solar eruptions travel at 2,000,000 MPH and can take around 2 days to travel 93,000,000 miles to earth.

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