11 more storms could batter the UK this winter, warn forecasters

Storm Ophelia and storm Brian recently battered the country with 90 mph winds, causing flooding and damage to buildings, but the worst of the weather could still be on the way.

Forecasters say that there could be a record 11 more storms on the way this year, that will make their way across the Atlantic picking up strength, then unleashing severe winds across the country.

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Winds of up to 120 mph could hit the UK along with heavy rain causing travel and power misery for millions.

The prediction was made by forecaster Accuweather, which told the The Times that the number of storms that could batter Britain this year would double last years amount, when storm names only managed to reach the letter E.

If the predictions made are correct then the next storms to arrive are Caroline, Dylan, Eleanor, Fionn, Georgina, Hector, Iona, James, Karen, Larry and Maeve.


Met Office forecaster Craig Snell told the paper: “The Atlantic is a breeding ground for storms.

“Autumn storms are created by the difference in temperature between cold air near the poles and warm air in the tropics being at its greatest at this time of year”.

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