This is why the sun turned red over Merseyside today


Merseyside and other parts of the UK saw the sky turn an unusual reddish colour today.

The sun appeared to be partially blocked by thicker than usual clouds, which suddenly in some parts of the country sent towns and cities into darkeness.

Forecasters said it was due to the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia dragging in tropical air and dust from the Sahara.


And that debris from forest fires in Portugal and Spain were also pulled into the storm, partially blocking out sunlight, giving the red tint.

We were in London as people flocked outside to look up as the skies turned black.

Londoners couldn’t believe that the time was only 3pm as drivers were forced to turn on their lights due to the failing light conditions.


Ophelia has brought damaging winds of up to 80mph to parts of Ireland, which has so far claimed 3 lives.

The danger to life winds have ripped roofs off buildings and large costal waves have also brought flooding to parts of the country.

Merseyside saw winds reach 50mph as the area was placed on a yellow severe weather warning.

Winds will die down through tomorrow leaving a mainly dry and bright day on Merseyside.

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