There’s an Indian summer on the way as air from Spain set to warm up Merseyside


Warmer air from Spain is set to warm UK temperatures this weekend according to forecasters.

This is due to a shift in the Jet Stream moving to a more northerly position, allowing the warmer air from southern Europe to reach our shores.

Parts of the south will see temperatures reach 23C, while Merseyside could see temps reach 20C on Saturday and Sunday, making it quite warm for the time of year.

The Met Office say: Thursday looks dry and bright after a chilly start.

“Friday will bring the return of stronger winds and a little patchy rain, this persisting into Saturday. Turning a little warmer”.

An Indian summer is a name often used to describe a warm, calm spell of weather that occurs in autumn.

The warmest recorded temperatures in the UK in October and November are 29.9 °C on 1 October 2011, in Gravesend, Kent, and 21.7 °C on 4 November 1946, Prestatyn, Denbighshire.

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