Autumnal week ahead for Merseyside


This week will feel much more autumnal on Merseyside as there will be a mix of cooler weather, heavy rain and sunshine.

The week will get off to a chilly start as Monday morning temperatures will be around 11C, in fact, most early morning’s will get off to a chilly start through the week.

Daytime temperatures will average around 15C, but the worst of the weather is set to affect the region on Wednesday and Thursday.

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A weather front will arrive from the west on Wednesday bringing the threat of rain and stronger winds until Thursday.

As the airbis coming from the west instead of the north this will mean slightly milder temperatures than last week.

The Met Office say: “The Staying dry on Tuesday with sunny spells and light winds.

“Turning more unsettled from midweek, with strengthening winds and some heavy rain possible. Temperatures will recover, especially overnight”.

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