Weather during last weekend of the summer holidays will be mixed on Merseyside 


It’s the last weekend before the kids go back to school and its set to be a weeekend of two halves.

Saturday will see the best of the weather, with plenty of sunny spells around temperatures will climb to above 20C.

Sunday will see cooler and wetter weather, as a weather front will bring rain to the region and tempaeratures of around 16C.

Winds will be stronger on Sunday too, with gusts of of up to 35mph the weather will feel closer to a much cooler 13C.

Nighttime temperatures will also feel chilly, with some areas of the countryside being as low as 2C during the weeekend.

The Met Office say “Fine, sunny and pleasantly warm on Saturday. Sunday may start bright, before rain gradually moves in from the west.

“Monday will then be rather humid and cloudy”.

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