Wet weather has sparked an invasion of spiders into UK homes


The wet weather has led to an increase of large spider sightings in UK houses.

Many of the spiders that come into our homes are males in search of a mate and are also thought to be attracted by the warmth.

Spiders usually seek shelter in houses during September, as the weather worsens, but the creatures have been forced in early due to the wet weather.


Experts say spiders are inside our homes at other times of the year but are normally hidden away under floorboards or in the loft.

However, from now until mid-October the males roam around as they search for a mate – while the females remain in their webs.

According to the Royal Society of Biology there are around 600 species of spider in the UK.

The best way to keep them out is to limit their food source, you can do this by clearing away dead flies or any other small insects.

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