UK will see partial solar eclipse TONIGHT 

The US will see a total solar eclipse on today and part of it will be visible in the U.K.

The moon will block a small part of the sun around 7:40pm tonight.

However, with only 10% of the sun being blocked, there won’t be a noticeable change in light, unlike the last partial eclipse in 2015 and you may find it a little disappointing.

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The weather is also set to be cloudy too, making it even harder for eclipse fans to view the event.

The Met Office said: “Rain will clear northwards through the evening, but skies will remain cloudy, with mist and fog around the coasts and hills, giving some drizzle. It will be much milder though”.

The next really good solar eclipse before 2090 will be on 12 August 2026, when 96% of the suns light will be blocked.

The last solar eclipse in the UK was in march 2015 when 80% of the sun was blocked, which plunged the UK and Merseyside into darkness.

On a mobile device ?. Scroll down to see the LIVE weather and tomorrows weather for Merseyside.

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