What will the weather be like on Merseyside for the Perseid meteor shower ?


The spectacular meteor shower will reach its peak on the 12th & 13th August when up to 80 meteors an hour can be spotted.

What will the weather be like ?

The best chance of spotting the shower will be just after midnight when the Met Office predict that there could be some clear spells.

As the night progresses cloud will build making it harder to view the meteors, with the best chances at this point being in-between cloud breaks.

Heading out to areas away from light pollution, such as the countryside, will give you the greatest chance of seeing meteors.

The Perseids are bits and pieces of cosmic dust and debris left in the orbital path of Comet Swift-Tuttle.

Meteor showers happen when bits of ice and dust, which can be as small as a grain of sand or as big as a pea collide with the earths atmosphere at 134,000mph.

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