Local window cleaning company are helping improve road safety right across Wirral

A Wirral Window cleaning company are traveling across the region to clean road signs free of charge to help improve road safety.

PMA window cleaning company on the Wirral have found that lots of road signs across the area are filthy and are hard to read due to thick layers of dirt.

It can often be a risk to drivers not knowing about the rules of the road they are travelling on and PMA windows have recognised this.


The company have started cleaning the roadsigns in-between travelling to jobs to improve road safety and make the area look cleaner.

They started cleaning the signs only last week using specialised cleaning systems and telescopic poles.

The cleaning takes around 10 minutes to complete and the company are asking for people to report dirty signs across Wirral so they can clean them.

Paul Ambrose from OMA Windows said: “We have spotted some safety signs that you can’t even read due to being that dirty.

“As we have the equipment to safely clean these signs from the ground we thought we would give something back to our local community an clean any dirty signs we see on our travels.

“I know it’s only a street sign but it doesn’t half make the place look better when they are nice and clean.

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“It’s also going to help motorists as the warning and speed limit signs stand out when they are clean.

“If you know of any traffic signs that need a clean let us know. Providing it’s safe to do so we will give them a clean”.

You can report dirty signs to PMA Windows via their facebook page.

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