Could Merseyside see further thundery showers today ?

Lightning video
Wednesday’s storm

Last night parts of Merseyside saw some heavy thundery showers, but could Merseyside see more today ?.

A weather front from the west headed into Merseyside during Wednesday night and many of you sent in your weather pictures and videos capturing the storm.

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There’s also a risk throughout today that the region could see more thunderstorms and heavy rain.

Heavy rain will pepper the region throughout the day, but these will be hit or miss, with some areas staying dry.

With the heavy showers means a risk of thunder, so there is a possibility some areas could see a flash of lightning and a rumble of thunder.

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The Met Office forecast reads: “A breezy day with sunshine and frequent blustery showers, some of which will be heavy at times, possibly with the odd rumble of thunder.

“Showers will become more isolated into the evening with some prolonged sunny spells”.

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