HUGE 3ft jellyfish washes up on New Brighton beach

Sue Titchmarsh

A huge 3ft jellyfish was spotted on New Brighton beach today by reader Sue Titchmarsh.

The huge creature, which turned out to be a barrel jellyfish, was spotted in a bit of trouble as it kept getting washed onto the beach by the tide.

Dog walker Sue originally thought the massive Jellyfish was dead due to its size, but after spotting it was stranded and trying to swim back out to sea, she managed to push it back to safety with a dog ball thrower.

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Sue Titchmarsh

Sue said: “I have found two other live jellyfish lately but the size of this one made me think it was already dead, but then I was chuffed to see it ‘swimming’ sideways so realised it was fighting for its life.

“We pushed it as far out as we could and it then really began to swim, so fingers crossed that it survived. It was beautiful”.

The Barrel jellyfish can cause quite a stir on beaches with a diameter of up to three feet and weighing up to five and a half stone.

However, barrel jellyfish feed entirely on tiny plankton, so their sting is too weak to hurt humans.


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