How long will the rain last & will we see anymore this week on Merseyside ?

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Rain has battered Merseyside and most of the country this morning, as a huge band of rain makes its way across the country.

The band of rain stretches right across the country and even into northern France, making it a very wet day across the UK.

How long will the rain last ?

The rain is set to batter Merseyside all morning, along with 30mph winds it will make a very unpleasant morning in areas.

The Met Office expect that the rain will clear during the afternoon around 1pm, leaving just a risk of showers at times.

There could even be the re-appearance of some sunny spells as the afternoon progresses.

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Will Merseyside see anymore rain ?

Yes, Merseyside is expected to see rain throughout most of the week.

The Met Office say that rain could fall at some point on everyday for the rest of the week.

A forecaster said: “The weather will remain unsettled throughout the period.

“There will be sunshine and showers, or longer spells of rain, and it will generally be cool, and often breezy”.

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