What will the weather be like during the school summer holidays on Merseyside ?


Some schools across Merseyside have already broke up for summer but what will the weather be like during the summer holidays ?

The weather over the next few weeks is expected to contain a mixture of further heavy rain, thunder and some warmer spells of sunshine.

The rest of this week will see more rain with a risk of thunder, as the week draws to a close the sunshine will return.

The unsettled weather is expected to continue throughout the start of August, with further weather fronts affecting the region.

As August progresses the weather will remain showery at times but there are signals that point to temperatures rising as we head into the second half of August.

The Met Office forecast for August says: “There are some signals for high pressure to build which would allow for more settled conditions and rising temperatures.

“However, the preferred solution is for northwestern parts to stay largely changeable, with drier and brighter spells of weather becoming more prevalent in the southeast.

“That being said, all areas could see showers or longer spells of rain at times”.

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