A Wirral ice cream parlour is serving chips and ice cream.. TOGETHER!


Caffe Cream in New Brighton is actually serving chips and ice cream.. together.

In a UK first you can choose your flavour of ice cream to be scooped onto a cone of chips.

Seeing it in Australia first Cafe Cream decided to bring the crazy combination to the UK before any other UK parlour.

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The weird dish created quite a stir of social media when the caffe cream team announced it’s new invention.

Jasmine Boyd said: “Ha ha my two year old can’t think of anything better than dipping chips into ice cream! X”.

Nickie Jones: “This is my childhood haha best flavours ever… Karen Clark Sophie Boon it’s times like this my dad needs to be on Facebook xxx”.

Jessie Murphy  “Oh.my.god. This is my heaven. Jase Wood please can we go today?”

Love it or hate it it’s selling for £3.50 with the makers suggesting a strawberry and chips combination.

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