Things to spot in the night sky over Merseyside this July


There’s plenty to spot through this month in the skies over Merseyside.

Here’s what you can spot if skies are clear.

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Saturn will be the easiest planet to spot this month as it will be directly opposite the sun, providing a bright look at the planet for most of the night.

The planet will be at its highest point in the sky at 11:38pm 179 degrees south position.


Venus will rise just after 2am through the month and should be visible just before sunrise 72 degrees east north east position.


Jupiter will be visible as it begins to set and should be visible around 10:45pm 238 degrees 240 degrees west south west.

International Space Station

This month the International Space Station will be visible over Merseyside.

The best times to see it are listed below, just look out for a fast bright travelling object.

Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 12.04.07

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