Could Merseyside and the rest of the UK see another heatwave ?


Last week saw the hottest June day in 41 years and the longest spell of hot weather since 1995.

Temperatures were over 30C for five consecutive days in the UK, but will it happen again ?

Another heatwave ?

There are no indications that we will see another heatwave in the next few weeks.

This is because the Jet Stream has changed position, allowing a more westerly flow in weather, instead of last weeks air from Spain.

The weather from the west means more wetter and cloudier weather.

However, the Met Office long range forecast suggests that some warm spells could be on the horizon.

Forecasts point to drier and warmer spells arriving towards the end of July.

The Met Office long range forecast for July says: “Drier and warmer spells are likely to become more prevalent in the south and these may spread further north.

“These would bring more in the way of sunshine and higher temperatures, and there could be some very warm spells.

“However, an increase in temperatures would pose the threat of some thundery showers”.

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