When can Merseyside expect to be battered by thunderstorms ?

Mary Mint – Prenton

After plenty of sunshine and hot weather the Met Office are warning the region of heavy rain and storms across the region.

Merseyside has been placed on a yellow severe weather warning for heavy rain from 3am Wednesday to 6am on Thursday.

When can Merseyside expect storms ?

Merseyside’s greatest chance of seeing thunderstorms is expected to be during Wednesday night and into Thursday.

During this time a band of heavy rain will track from the west which could bring with it some spectacular lightning shows, rumbles of thunder and torrential downpours.

 What do the Met Office say ?

The Met Office have warned: “Rain over northern England early on Wednesday may locally lead to 20 mm or 30 mm of rain falling in one or two hours.

“Thunderstorms developing from late Wednesday afternoon bring a greater threat of severe weather with associated torrential downpours giving as much as 30 mm or even possibly 40 mm in an hour in places.

“Note that areas of severe weather are not expected to occur at the same time across the whole warning area.

“Instead, the threat of heavy rain and thunder is initially confined to parts of northern England before the threat of severe weather becomes more extensive late Wednesday”.

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