How hot will it get on Merseyside this week ?


Scorching temperatures are currently gripping the UK and the hot weather is expected to last at least until mid week.

How hot will it get on Merseyside ?

Temperatures of over 25C are expected for most of the week before the weather cools down towards the weekend.

Monday,  Tuesday and Wednesday will see temperatures rise to over 25C meaning the Met Office’s heat health alert will remain in place.

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The country has been issued health alerts due to the length of time the heatwave will last.

The alert has been issued as very warm or hot conditions are expected to continue with fine and sunny weather, and light winds over the next few days.

Temperatures will cool down from Wednesday as more cooler weather from the Atlantic returns, which could bring the risk of thundery showers.

Chief Meteorologist Dan Suri said “High pressure is dominating our weather bringing warm, humid air from the tropical Atlantic resulting in these high temperatures and sunny conditions over the coming days”.

“Sea breezes will help keep some of our coastline refreshingly cooler”.

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