Saturn will be at its brightest in the night sky TONIGHT

Saturn will be at its brightest tonight in our night skies as it completes its closest approach to earth.

Throughout the June Saturn approached its closet point to earth which meant its bigger and brighter in the night sky, but it’s tonight when that is expected to peak.


Saturn will be visible all night and can be viewed with the naked eye, if there’s no cloud cover.

Another planetary treat is that Jupiter can also be spotted at the same this month.

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The best time to see Jupiter is just after sunset when it starts to get darker, as as towards the end of June Jupiter will set at 1am.

However, the Met Office forecasts indicates it is going to be mostly cloudy on Merseyside so there may be little chance of seeing it.

The forecast reads: “Rain, drizzle and hill fog will tend to gradually clear during the night leading to plenty of clear spells by by dawn”.

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