Parts of Wirral flooded as the area battered by heavy rain overnight

Hooton floods Credit: Kirsty Bakstad

Heavy rain flooded parts of Wirral this morning thanks to a deluge of heavy rain.

Overnight and into this morning Merseyside and Wirral saw a lot of rain that resulted in some localised flooding.

A McDonald’s car park in Upton was flooded for most of this morning, which hampered customers efforts to buy their lunch.

Parts of the A41 in Hooton were also flooded, Kirsty Bakstad sent us pictures of the near by road covered in flood water.

She said: “You could drive through on the right side of the road, but I Wouldn’t have advised it as on the left side I saw saw a 4×4 struggling to get through”

The rain eased off during late morning and the rest of day is expected to be largely dry, with the risk of a heavy shower.

The Met Office say: “It will be a damp and cloudy start with rain; heavy at times over the hills.

“It will be rather breezy through the day, but the rain will become light and patchy through the afternoon with some late evening brightness”.

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