There’s more rain on the way this weekend for Merseyside


Merseyside has saw a mix in the weather this week, as rain, strong winds and even the odd bit of sunshine has made and appearance.

The week has been mostly damp with heavy rain at times and this is set to continue into the weekend, with Saturday seeing the worst of the weather.

Heavy rain is expected to last most of the day according to the Met Office, however, the weather is expected to brighten up on Sunday with it staying mostly dry.

Although the weather will be brighter on Sunday winds are expected to pick up, parts of Merseyside could see gusts of 40mph.

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The Met Office say: “It will be breezy with rain will continuing through much of Saturday, turning heavier at times.

“Rain will start to ease later in the evening.

“Sunday will be Unsettled at first and it will remain breezy with showery rain at times through the period.

“Winds will ease with some drier weather developing later on Monday”.

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