Why is it raining so much on Merseyside this week ?


Merseyside is expected to see quite a lot of rain this week, and its all down to a change in wind direction.

The Jet Stream which drives the British climate has changed position and is allowing a more westerly dominated theme to the weather this week.

A series of weather fronts will track across the Atlantic and will hit the UK throughout the week, which means heavy rain and strong winds.

Rain is expected to fall on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday on Merseyside.

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The Met Office say: “Rain will gradually ease and clear eastwards during Tuesday, with brief sunny spells and blustery showers following for many.

“Feeling cool in the strong winds, with the risk of gales.

“Wednesday will see a brief drier and brighter interlude, before rain spreads in from the southwest later and into Thursday.

“Briefly drier and brighter on Friday, before rain arrives later”.

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