Wirral Coastguard called out to TWO children cut off by tide

Wirral coastguard were called out to reports of two children cut off by the incoming tide between Little Eye and Middle Eye in West Kirby.

West Kirby Lifeboat launched and it was discovered there were no children involved and it was in fact an elderly couple.

After a search of the area the lifeboat recovered both casualties to awaiting Coastguard Rescue Officers who administered first aid for minor injuries to one of the casualties legs.

During this time, reports came in of 2 people in the water towards Little Eye who may of needed assistance.

West Kirby Lifeboat swiftly re-launched and recovered one of the swimmers back safely to shore, while another swam to shore.

The Coastguard said: “Today is a beautiful sunny day attracting lots of people to our coastline.

“If you are planning a trip to the beach, remember to check the tide times so you don’t get caught out!

“If you need assistance or see someone if difficulty, remember to dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard”.

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