Will Wirral and Liverpool see thunderstorms this weekend ?

After highs of nearly 30C over the last two days, the Met Office predict that the hot weather will come to a dramatic end, according to forecasters.

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain is forecast for Mersyside today and the Met Office have issued weather warnings.

The yellow severe weather warning is in place throughout today on Merseyside as heavy thundery downpours are expected and the Met Office warn to expect some localized flooding.

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 Will Merseyside see thunderstorms ?

The Met Office warning is for heavy rain as some heavy downpours are expected, however, it is harder to predict where thunder and lightning will strike.

It is likely that Merseyside could see some of the dramatic weather dur by the afternoon, but it is hit or miss, some areas in the region may not see anything, but some areas could, it’s best to keep up to date with our twitter page.

Forecasters at the Met Office said: “Heavy, thundery showers on Saturday afternoon and evening have the potential to bring localised flooding, hail and frequent lightning.

“Skies will brighten following a band of showery rain, though rising temperatures will cause heavy showers to develop.

“Whilst many will miss the worst, some places could see 20-30 mm in an hour or less”.

The weather on Sunday is expected to see showers at times which could contain the odd rumble of thunder with more cloud and cooler temps than recently.

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