Met office warn Merseyside of torrential rain and thunderstorms


Merseyside has been hotter than rome over the last few days, as temperatures have peaked near the 30C mark.

However, the warm weather is expected to come to a dramatic end as the build up in humidity and energy will create thunderstorms across the country.

On Saturday parts of Merseyside and the north could expect torrential rain, thunder and lightning throughout the day, the Met Office have warned.

Isolated heavy, thundery showers have the potential to bring localised flooding, hail and frequent lightning is also possible.

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The warning reads: “Skies will brighten following a band of showery rain, though rising temperatures will cause heavy showers to develop.

“Whilst many will miss the worst, some places could see 20-30 mm in an hour or less.

“The risk of this looks slightly higher across Scotland than across England or Northern Ireland”.

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