9 tips to help sleep during the heat


Nighttime temperatures will be near 20C tonight across the UK, which may result in difficulty sleeping.

So here’s some tips to beat the heat

It may be obvious, but you can achieve this by taking a cool or lukewarm shower just before bed.

A fan can help reduce your body temperature surprisingly quickly.

Chill your sheets and pillow in the fridge before bed.

Don’t sleep naked – it’s actually better to wear pyjamas made of natural fibres. The pyjama fabric draws sweat away from your body, and will make you feel a lot cooler and more comfortable.

Remove the over-sheet, duvet or blanket.

If possible sleep downstairs, heat rises so you find that the top bedrooms in the house are at the highest temperatures.

Sleep separate from your partner, sharing body heat will just make you hotter.

Avoid alcohol – It is well known that alcohol disrupts sleep — and those negative effects are made worse when it is hot.

Another obvious answer is get some air-con.