How to keep babies cool and get them to sleep in the hot weather


With nighttime temperatures around 20C for some of the week, you may think it’s impossible to get your baby off to sleep.

Here are some top tips to keep them cool and get them to sleep.


Dress your baby appropriately and don’t overdress. Experts say that if the room is over 25C then just a nappy will do. Between 20-23C a baby grow or a t-shirt and pyjamas will do.

Open the window

Opening the window will allow a cool breeze and will reduce the air temperature in a stuffy room. Puling a curtain over may block the hot sun from heating up the room.


Use appropriate bedding, cotton bedding will keep babies cooler thanks to air pockets in the material.



A quick cool bath can reduce body temperature and help calm your baby, but don’t leave them in too long as they can get chilly due to the cooling of the water


A room thermometer can help you track how hot the room is getting so you’re not guessing, so you can dress your baby according to the heat.


Apparently storing bottles of frozen water in the room can reduce air temperature and can help battle the heat of a room.

Cold Flannel

Dabbing a cold flannel on the baby’s head can reduce body temperature and keep him at a comfortable temperature to calm their mood.

Cold water

Cold water can reduce body temperature and keep your baby hydrated. Water has to be boiled first and then refrigerated.

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