There’s more on rain on the way but will we see thunderstorms on Merseyside ?


Rain has been battering Merseyside over the last few days, thanks to a change in wind direction and a series of weather fronts.

Through most of the week the region is expected to see rainfall, however, towards the end of the week the weather will get brighter, although temperatures will be down to the low teens.

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 Will we see Thunderstorms ?

With the clash of warm air and cool air comes a risk of thunderstorms. So will Merseyside see any ?.

The heaviest and worst of the rain is expected to fall over the east of the UK during Wednesday.

Merseyside will see less intense showers and there are no current indications to suggest that there will be any stormy conditions, however, the odd rumble or flash of lightning is possible.


What do the Met Office say ?

The Met Office say: “Cloudy with locally heavy outbreaks of rain, mainly in the south and east.

“Rain easing through the day, with brighter and fresher conditions moving in from the northwest later. Maximum temperature 16 °C”.