Merseyside has its hottest day of the year so far, but heavy thundery showers are on the way


Merseyside basked in gorgeous sunshine this week, which has resulted in warm temperatures.

During Thursday the region saw temperatures of 21.6C making it the hottest day of the year .

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The warmer weather was thanks to winds from the south making its way up towards the UK.

The lack of rainfall and warm weather this year has lead to fears of a UK drought, but this is set to change over the next few days.

The rain will return on Friday which will be heavy at times and could contain rumbles of thunder.

Showers could occur right through the weekend until Monday, when showers will be heavier again.

Temperatures will also take a dip as the weather fronts head in, with temps back down to the middle teens.

The Met Office say: “Warm and fairly humid with showery outbreaks of rain and sunny spells on Friday.

“Some locally heavy, possibly thundery, showers are possible through the afternoon, although some places staying dry.

“Some rain at first on Saturday, then breezy with warm sunny spells and scattered locally heavy, possibly thundery, showers through the rest of the weekend. Wet and windy on Monday”.

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