Lyrid Meteor shower peaks this month, here’s when & where to spot it on Merseyside


A spectacular meteor shower will be visible this month across Merseyside and here’s when to spot it.

When can I see it ?

The Lyrid meteor shower will peak during the early hours on 22d April when up to 20 meteors per hour can be spotted if skies are clear.

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Where can I see it ?

The best place it spot it will be away from light pollution in a rural area and away from city lights.

It will also depend on the weather as if its cloudy then you wont see much at all.

Why is it called the Lyrids ?

Lyrid is named after the constellation Lyra and is one of the oldest known showers.

It’s caused when debris from a comet called C/186 Thatcher collides with earths atmosphere.

As the bits of debris from the comet collides with Earth’s atmosphere they vaporise, turning into the colourful meteor shower.

Can we see it on Merseyside ?

The Met Office forecast for Saturday 22nd April is expected to be a mostly sunny day with some cloud.

There will be some cloud around during Saturday night, but as some clear spells are expected then there could be a good chance of spotting it.

The Met office forecast reads: “Cloud and patchy rain will continue on and off on Thursday and Friday though there will be warm sunny spells too”.

“It will cool down on Saturday, but largely dry”.

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