Scorching weekend ahead for Merseyside as temperatures could be hotter than Greece


The UK and Merseyside are set to see increase in temperatures this weekend, temperatures could be hotter than Greece and punters heading to the Grand National will see the perfect weather conditions.

Air from southern Europe will bring warmer air over the UK on Saturday, Mereseyside will see temperatures of around 18C – 19C and it wouldn’t surprise us if temps crept up past the 20C mark as winds will be light and skies will be clear.

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Some parts of the UK could see temperatures of near 25C which would make it the hottest day of the year so far.

With the warmer weather comes a risk of sunburn, Public Health England have warned that UV levels will be higher than usual for the time of year so sunburn could occur quite quickly.

Sunday will see cloud return on Merseyside with temperatures falling to a cooler 13C.

The Met Office say: “After a chilly start, it will be a fine and increasingly sunny day with most seeing almost clear blue skies by the afternoon.

“As a result, it will be warm. The maximum temperature will be 19C”.

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