Rescue operation launched as family out for Mothers Day walk on Wirral beach trapped by rising tide


West Kirby RNLI were called out at 9.20am today following a phone call from a couple and their son in distress.

A family of three adults with their family dog were caught out by the rising tide this morning whilst they were on a walk to celebrate Mother’s Day.

The mother along with her husband and their son were attempting to return to shore, however, they found themselves knee high in water in between Middle Eye and Little Eye.


They sought high ground on a rocky outcrop to escape the incoming tide and telephoned HM Coastguard for advice.

The change in hour was said to have confused the timing of their return to land.

The casualties were reassured and remained calm, and a member of the crew approached them via the water with the lifeboat remaining clear of the rocky outcrop.


Richard Diamond, RNLI Deputy Launching Authority for West Kirby’s RNLI Lifeboat, said: “The casualties acted appropriately as they recognised that they needed to call for help and they sought high ground.

“We were able to relay messages to them via HM Coastguard and they were both reassured and acted in accordance with the advice given.

“It is imperative that people understand how quickly the tide can rise in that location and to respect the water.

“Tidal information is available on the noticeboards at the end of Dee Lane by the ice-cream kiosk”.

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