Merseyside has been hotter than parts of Spain and the warm weather will continue over the weekend


New Brighton Sunset. Credit: Sefik Akkurt

Merseyside saw warm temperatures through Friday, which turned out to be hotter than parts of Spain mainly thanks to plenty of sunshine and high pressure.

The warmer weather will continue through the weekend with more bright sunshine predicted.

This should allow temperatures to again creep up to the near 15C mark and should provide spectacular weather to take the kids out and head to our coasts.

Saturday is expected to see the warmest of the weather, Sunday will see cooler temperatures and as we head into the new week cloud will return.

The Met Office say: “It will feel pleasantly warm in the sunshine on Saturday, with light winds.

“Sunday will be dry, sunny and warm again after early frost.

“Monday and Tuesday will stay mostly dry but become increasingly cloudy though some bright spells are likely”.

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