When and where you can see Jupiter over Merseyside throughout March


There will be times through March when Jupiter will be visible over Merseyside and here’s when and where you can see it.

The planet is over 365million miles away from earth and if the weather is clear enough it will be seen shining brightly in the skies above the region.

When can I see Jupiter ?

Jupiter will be able to be seen throughout the month depending on clear skies.

On 14th march Jupiter will be seen along with a waning gibbous moon.

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How can I spot Jupiter ?

Although Jupiter is 11 times bigger than earth, it is so far away it will appear as a tiny bright dot in the sky.

It will be that bright you will be able to spot it with the naked eye, however a telescope or a pair of binoculars should give a good glimpse of the planets gas clouds.

Jupiter through a telescope

Will the weather allow me to see it ?

The weather is set to be mostly cloudy this week so the best we can hope for on Merseyside is a break in clouds to get a peak of the gas giant.

However, there will be clearer times through the month that will give us a better look at the planet.

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