What will the next storm after Doris be called ?


Storm Doris has been battered Merseyside all Thursday with 80 mph winds.

Dramatic pictures and video shows the scale of damage caused by the storm, which has uprooted trees and damaged buildings.

But if Merseyside or the rest of the UK see another storm..

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What will the next storm be called ?

When the UK has a risk of strong winds that could impact the country another storm will be named and the next storm will be storm Ewan.

The storm will be called Ewan because it’s part of the Met Office’s ‘Name our storms’ project, which aims to increase awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.

Over the course of 2016/17 wind storms with the potential to affect the UK and/or Ireland will be given a name to help effective communication of the storm and its impacts.

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