Merseyside cleans up after storm Doris but could we see another storm as strong ?

Storm Doris has been battered the region on Thursday with 80 mph winds.

Doris was classed as a weather bomb as over 24 hours pressure dropped very quickly, meaning the storm picked up more strength than usual.

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Could we see another storm as strong as Doris ?

The unsettled theme is expected to continue over the next few weeks, until the Jet Stream shifts position, so there is a chance of seeing another storm.

However, the Jet Stream was in the perfect position on Thursday to allow storm Doris to track right across Merseyside, which resulted in a full impact.

A slight change in position will mean a change in track of a storm, which means the next storm could see less of an impact on Merseyside, but obviously no change will mean a similar track to Doris, again it all depends on the Jet Stream.

The Met Office forecast for the next 2 weeks says: “A fairly unsettled picture is likely at first, as further weather systems affect the UK from the Atlantic.

“Further frontal zones then bringing cloudier, wetter weather, particularly in the north west; with some snow over northern hills.

“Feeling colder than of late, especially further north, with temperatures closer to average in the south.

“The changeable Atlantic influence could remain in place through early March, with stronger winds and rain more likely in north and western areas; drier and brighter further south and east, but temperatures returning to around normal”.

It’s said that a storm as strong and as widespread as Doris occurs only a few times every decade.

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