5 things you need to know about Storm Doris hitting Merseyside


Storm Doris is on the way say forecasters and it’s set to get very windy across Merseyside and North Western England.

Why is it called Storm Doris ?

The storm is called Doris because it’s part of the Met Office’s ‘Name our storms’ project, which aims to increase awareness of severe weather and ensure greater safety of the public.

Over the course of 2016/17 wind storms with the potential to affect the UK and/or Ireland will be given a name to help effective communication of the storm and its impacts.

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So what can we expect from Storm Doris ?

Storm Doris is expected to bring extremely windy conditions to most parts of Merseyside and the rest of northern England.

With the strong winds there will be heavy rain which could cause some localised flooding, the Met Office say there’s also a chance of damage to structures, interruptions to power supplies and widespread disruption to travel networks, with a danger of injury from flying debris.

How windy will it get ?

Wirral, Liverpool and the rest of Merseyside is directly in the zone that is due to receive to strongest of winds, in the Amber warning area.

The amber warning could see gusts of up to 80mph which cause damage to tree’s, buildings and large coastal waves, which could cause some flooding.

When will Storm Doris hit ?

The worst of the winds we will see this Thursday during midday, so it could be a dangerous time to head out, unlike a nighttime storm when everyone is indoors.

The Met Office say 70mph+ winds are expected around lunchtime and the Amber weather warning is in place all day until 8pm.

What do the Met Office say ?

The Met Office say: “A developing area of low pressure is expected to move across the UK on Thursday.

“The exact timing and track of this system remain uncertain but there is potential for a short-lived core of very strong winds to develop.

“Whilst some disruption is expected outside of this stronger swathe of winds, the amber area looks most likely to see more significant disruption”.

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