How long will the cold weather last and could we expect snow on Merseyside this week ?


The weather has returned to feeling bitterly cold this week and some media outlets have even reported that some snow could be expected.

Temperatures are expected to be at the coldest point on Friday when highs of just 3C are expected across Merseyside.

At times with the breezy winds it will feel closer to -4C, bringing the risk of some ice, but no snow is expected to fall.

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Any snow that does form is expected over mountainous areas of North Wales, Pennines and Scotland, none is expected to fall on Merseyside, however, there could be an appearance of some sleet for some areas of Merseyside.

The weather will warm up during next week, by the middle of the week temperatures could be back up to the low double figures.

The Met Office say: “The weekend will be largely dry, cold and breezy with widespread frosts and occasional wintry showers, especially over higher ground.

“Perhaps becoming rather less cold during Monday”.

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