Merseyside enjoys a day of milder weather, but how long will it last ?


Merseyside had a break from the colder weather today, as temperatures managed to climb to near 13C.

Low pressure from the east is to blame for the milder weather as it drove warmer air from the west to the UK.

READ MORE: Met Office warn Merseyside of 80mph winds as region is placed on a severe weather warning

Winds from the atlantic will mean an increase in winds and rain, so much so that Merseyside has been placed on a severe weather warning for Friday.

The Met Office warn that winds could top 70 – 80mph in some locations, especially coastal areas of the UK, however, Merseyside is expected to experience less wind speeds.

Temperatures are also set to decrease slightly compared to Thursday, highs of 8C are expected throughout the weekend.

The Met Office say: “Saturday is looking very unsettled with strong winds and rain at times.

“Sunday should be a little calmer with sunshine and showers before rain arrives from the west later Monday”.

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