Start of February will bring storms but freezing weather with risk of snow could return to Merseyside


February will get off to a stormy start as very strong winds are expected on Friday, but the Met Office long range forecast suggests that this theme could continue, along with the risk of freezing wintry weather towards the second half of the month.

Storms are expected to continue to batter Merseyside and the rest of the UK throughout the start of the month, when winds of up to 80mph are expected.

But forecasters are suggesting colder more wintry weather could be on the way towards the end of February.

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The Met Office long range forecast says: “At the start of this period the most likely scenario is for more unsettled weather, with wet and windy spells interspersed with brighter, colder and showery interludes.

“There is a risk of gales at times, particularly in the west, where the heaviest rainfall is also most likely.

“Later in February and into March there are signs of a quieter and rather colder spell developing, but confidence remains low in the likelihood and details of this development”.